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Jan Willem Broek’s show Senzor AM 149

Eight tracks taken from The Liberation Project’s 3CD album ‘Songs That Made Us Free’ – airplay on Jan Willem Broek’s show Senzor AM 149:


URD review

URD review 


Music Review: Uptown Rhythm Dogs – Allies In Inventiveness, Or Good Folk In A Complex World.
March 23, 2019 Bruce Dennill



moors magazine website review

moors magazine website review

Hi guys,
“…an impressive triple-CD with three hours of inspiring music ….The world is already a big melting pot, and an impressive album like this shows how enriching that is.”
says Holly Moors in his fantastic review in of The Liberation Project’s 3CD album ‘Songs That Made Us Free’:

the liberation project songs that made us free


local music from all over the world



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B Sharp Entertainment Interview


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Artsmart Article


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The Post Article

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The Liberation Concert









Neill Solomon

Neill Solomon









A captivating show of marvellous music. (Review by Keith Millar)

Impresario Roland Stansell has surpassed his own high standards of musical entertainment with his latest offering at the Rhumbelow Theatre at Tina’s Hotel in Kloof. Joining Rhumbelow regulars, The Reals, on stage are two legendary South African music luminaries, singer/songwriter Neill Solomon and percussionist extraordinaire Dan Chiorboli, in a captivating show of marvellous music.

Dan Chiorboli

Dan Chiorboli








Back on stage in their home town for the first time in 20 years the long-time friends and music collaborators – along with The Reals – perform songs from their early days through to their latest venture, The Liberation Project. There are also a few covers thrown in for good measure.

Solomon and Chiorboli have, individually and in partnership, had enormously successful and eventful careers in the music industry. From Solomon’s early solo career through to groups such The Uptown Rhythm Dogs, The Passengers and The Uptown Rhythm Collective, through to many projects in theatre, film and television.

Their latest collaboration, The Liberation Project, features 34 songs over three CD’s with 69 musicians and recorded in 17 studios all over the world. The theme of the project is the liberation struggles in South Africa, Italy and Cuba.

The union of these two seasoned and gifted musicians with The Reals produces a show of some rare and magical musical moments.

With his distinctive style Solomon is responsible for most of the vocals in the show while Chiorboli has brought along his usual eclectic selection of percussion instruments. He plays everything from a tin can to the bongo drums.

The Reals also don’t disappoint. Barry Thompson is given plenty of opportunities to display his virtuosity on guitar while Dawn Selby shows her usual mastery of the keyboards. Bassist Jason Andrew and drummer Mali Sewell also have their moments to shine. Also part of the show on flute and sax is Paul Seaman.

This show, rather different to the usual tribute shows on offer at this venue, is atmospheric, dramatic and quite gripping. It is a collection of superb musicians performing at their best. While maybe a tad under-rehearsed, the show has the feeling of a jam session in a smoky night club.

Songs that can be heard include Magic Man, The Same Old Blues, Eight Steps To Fly, The Dock Of The Bay, I Can Hear My Papa Calling, Biko, Foxy Lady, Moondance and Take Me To The River.

There are also excellent supporting visuals displayed on a big screen to the left of the stage.

While this show is a must for all lovers of intelligent, creative rock/blues music, it should be checked out by all aspiring musicians to see how it should be done.

Neill Solomon & Dan Chiorboli together with The Reals can be seen at the Rhumbelow Theatre at Tina’s Hotel in Beryldene Road, Kloof, from Friday to Sunday, August 17 to 19, 2018. Shows are at 20h00 and at 14h00 on Sunday. (The theatre venue opens 60 minutes before show for drinks)

Tickets R150 (R130 pensioners) and tables seat 6. (No alcohol or food may be brought on to the premises). Tickets are cash or EFT only. Secure parking is available. Booking is through Computicket or contact Roland (also for large group booking discounts of 20 or more) on 082 499 8636 or email: or visit – Keith Millar

Review by Billy Suter
The boys are back in town!
Posted on August 16, 2018 by sosuterbill
Stage: The Reals with Neill Solomon and Dan Chiorboli – Rhumbelow Theatre, Tina’s Hotel, Beryldene Road, Kloof
AFTER some 45 years as a musical team and two whole decades since they last performed together in Durban, their hometown, local music giants Neill Solomon and Dan Chiorboli are back in Durbs with music old and new, performing alongside the popular The Reals. And it’s good to see and hear them again.
It’s a different sort of show for The Reals, in that the band generally takes a back seat to Dan and Neill, with mostly singer-guitarist Barry Thomson and singer-keyboardist Dawn Selby to the fore, but with Dan and Neill always firmly in the centre-spotlight.
Part of the reason for that is that Dawn and Barry were among many musicians who recently contributed to a new triple-CD album masterminded by the special guests. That album, scheduled for release in September, is Songs That Made Us Free – South Africa/Italy/Cuba, co-produced with Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music and Pink Floyd fame.
That musical adventure, based on the freedom and liberation theme of the three countries, features 36 songs recorded in 20 different studios around the world, with a total of 142 musicians and groups from 18 different countries.
Two songs from the collection, both accompanied by animation shown on a screen to the side of the stage, close the first set of the Tina’s Hotel performance – and both are haunting, memorable songs: one about a man fighting for a cause in the memory of his father; the other about Steve Biko.
For the most part, however, this show is about making memories, the repertoire offering songs of depth and character from singer-songwriter Neill – from his early solo career (anyone remember him from Durban’s long-gone Persian Room, when he played covers there?) through to his successes with Neill Solomon & The Uptown Rhythm Dogs, The Passengers and The Uptown Rhythm Collective.
A gravel-voiced singer with an easy charm, adept on guitar and keyboards, Neill and master percussionist Dan, here performing with a wonderful assortment of instruments, offer great entertainment backed by The Reals.
Neill, an award-winning film and television soundtrack composer, songwriter and musician, formed Uptown Rhythm Dogs with Dan and multi-instrumentalist Tony “Lizard” Hunter in 1980.
After the release of their The Occupant album, and on the strength of their hits Roxy Lady and Junk Food and Disposable Ladies, the trio got the nod to support Janis Ian on her South African tour, but on the eve of that tour Hunter was tragically killed and, although Neill and Dan completed the shows with additional players, the Uptown Rhythm Dogs broke up a few weeks later.
After a short hiatus Neill formed Neill Solomon’s Bazaar in 1983 and toured South Africa for nearly two years. In 1985, it is reported in Neill’s biography, he joined the now-defunct Loft Theatre Company at Durban’s Playhouse and performed in numerous plays, including the award-winning Kwamanzi.
Later that year he formed The Passengers along with Chris Bekker, Stuart “Woody” Woods (ex-Bay City Rollers) and George Spencer. This line-up recorded three singles before disbanding in 1988.
Retaining Woods, Neill forged ahead with a new line-up and recorded the album Rule of the Swallow, which produced the single, What. Throughout this period Neill continued his interest in theatre, and after joining playwright Nicholas Ellenbogen, he went on to score the music for the plays The Trophy Hunters and Gone By the Wind.
He also appeared in the film The Angel, the Bicycle and the Chinaman’s Finger, which won him an award for the music score. Neill has since scored many internationally recognised films and theatre productions, such as the acclaimed Jock of the Bushveld, Gavin Hood’s A Reasonable Man and the award-winning production Nothing But The Truth, by John Kani.
His biog adds that in 1992 he gathered together some of the country’s finest musicians to record his third album, The Gathering of the Beasts, which featured the chart singles In The Year 2000 and I Don’t Want To See You.
Neill remains a renowned composer for television series and ads, most notably A Place Called Home (for which he won a 2010 Safta Award for best composition in television), Isidingo and 90 Plein St. Some of his commercials include Eskom, BMW and Guinness.
In the Tina’s Hotel performance, listen out for the likes of Neill’s The Occupant, Roxy Lady and Magic Man, as well as covers – also featuring The Reals and special guest, flautist and saxophonist Paul Seaman – of Al Green’s Take Me to the River, Otis Redding’s Sitting on the Top of the Bay and Van Morrison’s Moondance.
The Reals, Neill and Dan, nicely lit by Sarah Claxton and with sound in the capable hands of Colin Peddie, will give their final performances at 8pm nightly from today until Saturday (August 16, 17 and 18) and at 2pm on Sunday (August 19).
Tickets cost R150 (R130 for pensioners) and booking is at Computicket or by phoning Roland at 082 499 8636.


Review from John Knottenbelt
A worthwhile Musical experience of NOTE !
The LIBERATION PROJECT, (a Tribute to the Freedom Fighters of the world), by Dan Chiorboli & Neill Solomon, who need no further introduction, due to their substantial volume of work, superbly backed by my favourite local band, The Reals….
On Friday evening, Glenda Sale, Murray Calder (Lisa Williams, you were conspicuous in your absence & missed) & I, braved the near polar conditions, even chillier in Kloof, to attend the Liberation Project, at Tina’s Rhumbelow Theatre.
And man, was it a worthwhile trip !
The evening opened up with Dan & Neill laying down the ambience on percussion & acoustic guitar, with a mix of tunes, drawing from The Uptown Rhythm Dogs back catalogue, Neill’s solo albums, as well as a hint of what could be heard on the project’s upcoming CD.
Barry Thomson, briefly joined Dan & Neill on acoustic guitar on a few of the opening tunes, fleshing out the sound.
Tunes which resounded were The Passenger, The Tenant, Roxy Lady (always a well received tune), Junk Food & Disposable Ladies, which also saw a well deserved tribute to another local music maestro & sometime member of the URD, Ken E Henson (RIP), via a side screen.
By now the rest of the Reals, Dawn Selby, Jason Andrew & Mali Sewell had slinked onto the stage, swelling both the musical tone & the ambience of the evening, as they are well known to do at every show in which they participate or produce.

A well considered addition to the musos, on sax & flute, was Paul Seaman, who added his own magic to the tunes, even lending a haunting “Floyd flavoured” sax on various of the tunes.

A truly resounding & touching tribute, Biko (The Peter Gabriel gem), was given such body & soul, that it received a well deserved standing ovation at its closing. I hear my Papa Calling, one of the Project’s major tunes, was another one which touched the heart, as the pics of the side screen, to me at least, showed the difference between Freedom Fighters of the past, compared to the bloody, awful show of murderous skewed intolerance, often fought in the name of “God / Allah”, by those controlled by dark forces, such as ISIS, the Taliban & a few other blood lust murderers, wrongly labelled as Freedom Fighters.

As the show neared its interval, not only had the chill dissipated, but the well attended audience had livened up & were already expressing rapturous ovations at the start of each new tune.

The second half was obviously well anticipated, as the audience after a smoke & chat break, eagerly filed back into the room, for the final stage of the Liberation Project.

By now the musicians were as tight as a pair of stretch jeans on a well rounded posterior !

We were treated to an array of covers, which thankfully had not been played to death, as often is the case.
Al Green’s “Take me to the Water”, also covered in the 80s by Talking Heads, became a “Gospel Soul” highlight tribute to Aretha Franklin (well done guys !), and which made the 60s Soul Train, body of work, a surge of upliftment, for body, mind & Soul.

What was revealed to me & SO REFRESHING, was that it appeared that Dan & Neill, didn’t want a starched rendition of any of the tunes, but rather an organic approach, which gave each member of the superb Reals, a sense of freedom to add their own individual touch to the flavour of the tunes.
This is an art that I have bewailed to be lost to virtually every band of recent times, who think that jamming means playing louder than anyone else on stage, erratic rhythms & replacing the art of playing together as one, to be over ruled by ego !
Allowing this freedom to the night’s show, gave not only warmth, but true Soul, to each tune played ! And yes, if any band could accomplish & relish this allowed freedom, it is The Reals !
Consummate, unpretentious, excellently talented, each & every one of them !
And as the show attempted to end, a very vocal crowd demanded one encore after another, finally closing off with a resounding version of that Chuck Berry Classic, Johnny B Goode.
And Barry Thomson, thanks for adding a very recognisable Jimi Hendrix flavour to the chunky riff, which I recognised from the “Live at Berkeley” version of this tune !
It makes this tune BOUNCE !

Dan, Neill, this was a show well worth attending !

Mali, Jason, Barry & Dawn, as GREAT as ever !

And yes, The Reals were the perfect foil, to make a proper rendition of all the fine tunes played, a success.

This project is superbly produced onto CD.
The highly talented, Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music & Pink Floyd) lent his magic to the production, which was given finishing touches at Dave Gilmour’s (Pink Floyd) London based studio. It draws influences in song, from Italy, Cuba & South Africa, is spread over a lush 3 disc box set, which will soon be available for purchase, Contact either Dan or Neill for further info.
There are a host of revered & much celebrated international collaborators, who add their tunes & magic to this project, so make a point of getting a copy, when it becomes available.

The Liberation Project, is a gem & one which should be added to your library & filed under – GEMS !

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